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Given that I hate leaving things in the loose, this is a formal notice that I shall no longer be blogging here..

considering that it's been almost a year since I posted anything anyways, I doubt if I am doing anything I said, this is more to satisfy the OCD in online clean-up if you will.

General Update...

While I've never been the active type on blog, I think I too should cite the usual excuse that regular bloggers give nowadays for their infrequent postings...with micro-blogging having caught on, I have just been very active on facebook and completely neglected good old lj...of course, even otherwise, i doubt if it would have been any different considering the paucity of topics i have to make up a decent post.

anyways, as the title suggests, this is just a general update...over the last 6 months, i have:

1. watched around 10 movies, despite the industry fact, most weeks have been boringly routine with 5 days of 10-9 office hours, an informal half-day of office on saturday, getting drunk (sometimes with a hangover) on saturday nights and spending sundays either slouched in front of the TV or needlessly blowing cash at one of the malls in mumbai. Now you understand why the friday viewing of the latest film release becomes an important aspect. Unfortunately, while I've had awesome musical experiences with slumdog, dilli6, devD, luck by chance and even kamabakkt ishq, no movie has really stood out. Perhaps the second half may be better.

2. had my first vacation since starting corporate life and an awesome one at that...a big in-your-face to all those sceptics who never ever thought i would do it..:)

3. started falling in love with my bandra house and have finally started considering it home..hopefully, i will start feeling the same way about mumbai as well...the only notable thing so far has been the final fulfilment of my life-long wish to commute by train everyday...if only, i get more free time to explore this city..

4. gotten over my cheap phone mentality and gotten myself an awesome sony w595..while it's a far cry from the n series and iphones my friends wave around me, am loving mobile browsing, impromptu photo taking, transferring files to and fro my phone through this thing called bluetooth and the overall smart phone experience.

5. taken two mini-breaks to ooty and a camp, two wedding trips to chennai and kerala

6. have done super major rebonding with my family during my brother's wedding and thoroughly experienced the joys and occassional pains of a full-fledged tambrahm wedding

7. been stunned by the emergence of brawn in formula 1 and since steadily lost interest at their inevitable victories race after race while simultaneously marginalizing mclaren more and more till finally, red bull's challenge has rejuvenated the interest

8. been torn over the mumbai monsoons with total joy at the pitter-patter i hear through the night and complete frustration at having to navigate slushy roads and never-drying clothes

overall, while i hate to sound pessimistic, these have just been some eventful happenings in what has otherwise been a pretty frustrating half-year...details of those will not be revealed here..:)...anyways, looking ahead, i see an unbroken 5 months of 6-day weeks punctuated by 2-3 mini breaks, lots more movies, more fun sundays if F1 maintains the interest levels like it does now and some personal developments.

And come december, looks like wedding season will be on in full swing as 3 of my super close friends get married in quick, i sure will feel old by the end of january..:)

Weird Corporate jargon...

so apparently, in consultancies, when you are in between projects, you are supposed to be "on the beach"...

while, the same phase in a software company is called as being "on the bench"...

weird it supposed to signify that a consultancy is superior, in some way whatever, to a software company...after all, wouldn't one rather be on the beach than on the bench??..:))

or are they totally unrelated?

Arbit cateist rant...

recently had an interaction with an acquaintance who i knew from chilhood which got me thinking...what's the overriding emotion for a tambrahm??..

jealousy at the welfare of others?? or

satisfaction at provoking jealousy in others??

aah god save my community!

A dot and a letter are...

..all that seperate my corporate email ID from my company's registered email ID..while this is not going to benefit/affect me in any way, it was still weird...was looking at a company document today and the company header had the complete contact details of the first glance, wondered what my email id was doing in the company header and then realised my oversight.:)

I live in a funny city...

i travel to office by train everyday taking the train from bandra to most people familiar with the city will know, this is against the traffic and hence the crowd is much less...also, the train usually terminates at andheri and then goes with the traffic towards the downtown area..

something which tickles me everyday is the behaviour of commuters as the train approaches andheri..we all get together near the entrance but stand away from the door, usually collecting together at the opposite door..and as the train enters the platform, the mad traffic crowd fights each other and gets into the compartment scrambling for seats...only when all incoming commuters have entered and settled down do we disembarking commuters make our way to the exit

i always imagine the plight of a first-timer..he would go near the door as the train reaches the last station and wonder why all these morons are standing at the other door when it is clear the platform is on his side...aah, let the mob be unleashed and then the lesson is learnt...:)

Stealing the thunder...

So while the whole country was going ga-ga over the confessional statement written by raju, looks like the last day of the australia-south africa test match was overshadowed...lord, what an awesome match..following it on from office was exciting enough for me...the way the 8th and 9th wicket pairs defended for such a long time and then graeme smith coming out, broken hand and all, to almost take the team home to safety...truly, the man deserved the ovation the SCG gave him...but somehow fitting that australia won the game on their own merit at the same venue where a west-indian dodder gifted them another match last year.

interestingly, i wonder if these matches are staged...almost co-incidental that test matches have suddenly gotten so exciting over the last 12 months as the soccer-mania type of passion has struck the world of cricket thanks to 20/20 and IPL.

The year that was...

what does it say about the festive mood i was in if i chose to spend new year's eve at home with a couple of friends watching TV and getting drunk?..i can blame it on the security threat, the fact that my usual friends had their own plans but i cannot deny that the past year has been like a demand graph..sloping downwards to the right on the time-scale.

yes, the year began on a high...professionally, i'd had a great 2007 and i knew that i would get to reap the rewards of those in 2008..:)..also, there was a high-stakes deal to look forward to in the new year...and the knowledge that i would be changing jobs during the year and probably moving to mumbai lent a certain excitement...things cooled off by april-may however with the deal going nowhere (as has so often been my experience in IB) and my job change plans putting me into exit july, these had begun to take shape..then came the soap opera phase...options wrestled with counter-options as i went through huge mood swings and change of heart....put in my papers at Pwc but could not reveal where i was going..then came another job offer and so confirmed my resignation but now with the company name revealed..then came the internal dilemma leading to my reverting to the original company..finally, served out the notice period and started this new job in my nascent professional life, i can say without a doubt that thanks to the economic slowdown and the job change, this was the least fulfilling year for me workwise.

given how much of an importance work plays in my life, am surprised that i had one of the best years personally...had a great social life (yeah yeah, people who will feel smug upon reading this can deservedly feel so.:))...weekends were filled (the twice monthly trips played a huge role in this..:)), evenings had something to look forward to, some nice trips were planned and executed...too bad that these best months in the year were the same months when i had to go through the whole uncertainity wrt my job...however, to my two bangalore friends and one other person, here's sincere thanks for the past year...i guess the realisation that it all came to an end in december when i moved cities contributed to the year-end downcast feeling.

in other news, my bro got engaged in november thus clearing the way for me in more ways than one..:)..several of my friends went through/are going through stretches of being jobless which also depressed me at the end of the year...i spent the whole year vainly trying to lose weight and have finally decided to give up the battle as a new year's resolution.

that was 2008 then...i know that 2009 will be a very eventful year for me personally and if it's professionally atleast half as exciting as it would be personally, i will count it an awesome year...:)..happy new year to you all.

Nice working with you..keep in touch: YOU BET I WILL!!

Well it's been over a month since i quit PwC and am yet to receive my final settlement..apparently empirical evidence states that it usually takes around 2-3 months before they send the cheque...and this is in fact an improvement over the past when it usually takes close to 10 months..

was just getting started on bashing the company and communist bitching (look up PwC's registered office in India and you will get the connection) when a friend of mine, who quit from a slot 0 consulting company last year told me she got her final settlement a full 9 months after leaving the company...considering that your final settlement usually includes your last month's salary, i feel this is ridiculously would you feel if i refuse to part with my laptop and any of my office files till i receive my final cheque???

note that am not cribbing coz am nearing bankruptcy and is going around mortgaging all my possessions for the next just commenting on the sheer unprofessionalism of it all...just because he is an ex-employee does not mean the final amount you are paying him is's a service which has been already rendered which you need to pay for.